Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fill In This Map!

I drew up a map a couple days ago for an adventure I'm working on, but I'd also like to put the blank map out there for anyone to come along and fill in a room. It doesn't have to have any particular level or game, but it should probably fit with the general theme of a low-level dungeon crawl for D&D-style games. If this goes well, I'll definitely be doing this again with caves, castles, or maybe some large hex maps.

It's a hand-drawn map, but I went into Photoshop to clear it up a bit. It's a dungeon built into a hill (at least in my adventure), but aside from that, I'll leave the contents up to anyone who wants to come along and contribute. There are twenty-eight rooms (plus the outdoor area leading to the dungeon), so plenty of space for area to be filled in.

Hand-drawn on graph paper, just like I made maps back in high school.
Once the whole thing (or most of it, at least) is filled in, I'll repost it here with the key and descriptions.

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