Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crap Adventurers Might Find in a Dungeon

I figured I'd share this table I wrote up of miscellaneous dungeon crap. Anytime the adventurers stumble across some loot or something, throw down d% a time or two and see what comes up. Most of it's useful, or interesting. Some of it's junk. All of it could conceivably be found in a goblin lair or an orc stronghold.

  1. Loincloth made of spotted fur
  2. Crudely-drawn pornography
  3. Rotting animal hide
  4. Dice made of bone, wood, stone, etc.
  5. Quill and ink set with wooden box (10 gp)
  6. Sack of toasted nuts
  7. Crude stone knife (equivalent to dagger, breaks on a natural 1)
  8. Polished bone cutlery set (fork, spoon, knife)
  9. Leather necklace with stone arrowhead
  10. Iron belt buckle carved into a dwarf's face
  11. Charcoal sticks in a leather case and a sheaf of parchment
  12. Playing cards made of cut and preserved leaves
  13. Rusty set of oversized keys
  14. Small gem carved into the shape of a skull (25 gp)
  15. Raw steak wrapped in leaves
  16. Salted pork wrapped in paper and tied up
  17. Notebook with charcoal drawings of dragons
  18. Six-inch steel rod with a small gem on one end (used up wand, 25 gp)
  19. Crude fishing rod and hook
  20. Set of fishing lures and hooks in a wooden box (5 gp)
  21. Leather pack with 1d8 spices (5 gp)
  22. Blank spellbook bound with thin steel cover and 100 pages (25 gp)
  23. Magnifying glass (30 gp)
  24. Gold signet ring with animal head design (roll on Jewelry table for value)
  25. Animal teeth (crocodile, lion, bear, etc.) on a leather netcklace
  26. Reptile skin boots and gloves
  27. Blood-stained pants and tunic
  28. Cat skull carved with strange runes
  29. Bag of sugar cane
  30. Sack of hard candies
  31. Green, chunky fluid in glass bottle (spoiled potion, save vs. poison or spend 2d10 minutes retching)
  32. Dagger hilt with broken blade
  33. 2d12 arrows in quiver
  34. Tapestry showing some sort of battle
  35. A bolt of silk (5d10 gp)
  36. Salted fish wrapped in paper
  37. A cook book with recipes calling for exotic ingredients (giant spider legs, roc breast, etc.)
  38. A glass eye
  39. A bag full of cheap glass orbs
  40. A leather sack full of volcanic rock
  41. Obsidian dagger (as dagger, breaks on natural 1)
  42. Knotted leather cord 2d12 inches long
  43. Deer or elk pelt
  44. Crushed iron helmet
  45. Sack of small, ceramic animals
  46. Driftwood carved with prophecies of dark tidings
  47. A single bone die carved with twenty sides
  48. A bear carved out of dark wood
  49. A miniature replica of a trident
  50. A wooden knife with a man's name scratched into the blade (as dagger, breaks on natural 1 or 2)
  51. A love letter addressed to “Calothrax”
  52. A nutcracker made of cloudy red crystal (10 gp)
  53. A wood plaque with a lightning bolt carved into it
  54. Twelve colored wax crayons
  55. Black leather jacket with steel buttons (1d10 gp)
  56. 1d10 vials of colored dyes
  57. Bottle of goblin liquor
  58. Thread and sewing needle
  59. Miscellaneous leather patches and strips
  60. Empty leather sack
  61. Sack full of chicken bones
  62. A preserved cat skeleton
  63. Owlbear claws (1d10) carved with inspirational sayings
  64. A young owlbear skull
  65. A stuffed parrot on a perch with the name Lorran on the perch base
  66. Jar of preserved animal eyes
  67. A leather book full of nonfunctional “spells” that are actually gibberish
  68. Paintings with words like “Iron Maiden” and “Megadeth” on them (like heavy metal album covers)
  69. A scroll of “Jim's Magic Missile” which is just the normal Magic Missile spell
  70. Soldiers carved out of wood and painted green
  71. Box of broken ceramic pots
  72. A birdhouse painted white with a red roof
  73. A wood clock with bent hands
  74. Bottled fizzy liquid labeled “cola”
  75. 1d12 pots of paint and brushes
  76. 25 foot steel chain (60 gp)
  77. Waterskin full of goat or pig blood
  78. Inflated goat stomach used as a ball
  79. Wood stick, wooden ball covered in stitched leather, and a thick leather mitt
  80. A stuffed dog complete with a studded leather collar
  81. A wooden crown with “King” carved into the front
  82. An obsidian orb that's heavier than it should be
  83. A jar of oddly-colored clay
  84. 1d4 small statues of dragons
  85. A single owlbear feather or dragon scale
  86. A mace so rusty, it falls apart when moved
  87. A sheet of canvas with “Run away!” scrawled on it in blood
  88. Leather sack full of marbles
  89. Sack full of bent bottle caps
  90. Green leather backpack full of dried out leaves
  91. A book bound in leaves with no title or contents
  92. A headband with curved panes of tinted glass or crystal that go across the wearer's eyes
  93. A potted plant with the name “Myrtle” scrawled on the pot
  94. A smooth walking stick
  95. An empty crate with bloodstains on the inside
  96. A live turkey
  97. 1d8 ceramic coins with an unknown face stamped on them
  98. A cache of hops, barley, and a pouch that says “yeast” on it
  99. A garishly-painted statue of a dwarf chugging a mug of ale
  100. Roll again or choose one