Thursday, September 12, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day Eight - Favorite Character I've Played

My favorite D&D character would probably be Vaskar, a thief I played in a Play-by-Post forum game of Dark Dungeons on That was the first character I ever played in an old-school game, and despite having only three hit points, he managed to survive multiple dungeons and even made it to second level before the game went on hiatus.

Vaskar was my first “roll 3d6 in order” character (though truth be told, I did get three sets of ability scores to choose from), and the first character I really had to track encumbrance with. He always had some sort of quip or comment, managed to find a couple traps (despite accidentally tripping one while attempting to disarm it), and carried a bastard sword even though melee combat was almost assuredly a death sentence for him.

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